Writing and Editing

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Ethan Murphy: Head Writer and Co-Founder

Ethan grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina being raised by every 80's icon from Indiana Jones to Marty McFly. He studied Media Arts and Design at James Madison University with a concentration in creative writing. He honed his craft in writing by working with various small comic companies. Ethan’s goal is to make anyone who reads a comic from Echelon feel like they’re experiencing a 2-dimensional movie.

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Susan L. Holland: Editor and Co-Founder

Susan was born with a unique superpower - the ability to find fault. Early on, she was chastised for using this power and so, to avoid becoming a supervillain, she kept it under wraps for decades. Until one day she met Ethan and learned a great secret - finding fault is the PERFECT skill for an editor! She loves using these superpowers for good, sweeping through multiple scripts looking for misspellings and continuity errors. Her goal - to help make the comic PERFECT so that all you see is the story.