The world’s first female mad scientist is trying to change the world with her inventions. Unfortunately, she keeps blowing it up in the process.

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Viktoria Blackmoore

Dr. Viktoria Blackmoore is widely regarded as the world’s first female mad scientist. Even before she could walk, Viktoria could tinker. Despite her young age, she’s devised more serums and built more gadgets than anyone else in her field. Unfortunately, she’s also destroyed more than her share of things. Labs, buildings, and even relationships have been part of the numerous casualties in her ongoing pursuit of progress.

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Gideon Hyvach

Gideon Hyvach aka “Gideon the Great” is arguably the world’s greatest traveling salesman. Anything from broken flea-circus’ to over-priced top hats, Gid will sell it and sell it well. Quality is no object. But what he lacks in moral fiber he more than makes up for with charm. After all the unfortunate situations Gideon’s vocation has put him in, he’s never been incapable of talking himself out of it.



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Richard Blackmoore

Professor Richard Blackmoore is one of the most celebrated minds in all of England. His love for teaching is only dwarfed by his love for scientific discovery. Yet despite his many academic accolades, his daughters remain his true pride and joy. After the loss of his wife, Richard was forced to raise three girls by himself. Although he might disagree with his daughter Viktoria’s methods, he can’t help but understand her desire to pursue them.