Divine Influence

On the seventh day, He rested. On the eighth day, He fell. And on the 9th day…they fought.


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In the Before, Cytherea was one of the Creator’s most loyal and devoted followers. During the Celestial War, she was one of His most respected captains. But since the fall of the God, she’s struggling to give a damn about much of anything. A highly capable investigator and skilled fighter with nothing to investigate and no one to fight for.

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Lucifer was considered the single greatest talent in all of Celestia. The youngest angel made by the Creator, she was widely regarded as his favorite. She was adorned and praised from the start. And like most spoiled children, she eventually became more trouble than she was worth. Murderously so.


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Issue #1: The Fall



Maydra: Karma Incarnate

After the fall of the Creator, a power vacuum was immediately created. In response to the impending chaos, karma manifested itself into a being to serve as an impartial judge for everyone on Earth. Over the years, Maydra has gotten more and more comfortable with her power. Maybe too comfortable.


Enoch the Scribe

Since the very first word of the Creator was spoken, Enoch was writing it. Appointed by God himself, he has also kept an immaculate record of virtually event that has ever happened through out time. He fancies himself a wine expert, an unabashed womanizer and life-long friend of Cytherea.