Zach Snyder: Penciler and Illustrator

Zach was brought up in the quiet suburbs of Pennsylvania with only one single goal in mind; make comics. From as early as the 3rd grade, he has always had a passion for creating stories and getting engrossed in worlds not of our own. Growing up and watching Dragonball all throughout elementary school, he knew that somehow and someway this would be his life. After High School he attended the Tyler School of Art and obtained his Beachelors Degree in Fine Art, and has since been making strides in the professional world of comics. When he isn't burning the midnight oil at his drawing board, he is a passionate guitar player, a tasteful cook, an avid video-game player, and an absolute family man.

Eder Pic.png

Eder Messias: Penciler and Illustrator

Eder Messias is the 35 year old Brazilian sensation known in nearly every artistic circle. He started a professional career in comic books in 2011 with the graphic novel “Assassin” and “Son”. In 2012 he added several web comics to his portfolio and worked for indy comic labels all over the world. Yet despite all his hours in the studio, he still has time to raise his four beautiful daughters.

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Luigi Teruel: Penciler and Illustrator

Luigi is a freelance artist based out of the Philippines. He’s wanted to be a professional artist since his early childhood. He loves collaborating with other creative people to tell a story with images as well as words. His favorite comic books are the ones that inspire his own art the most. He loves pretty much all superhero and fantasy movies.