A tormented monster and a disgraced cop have to team up with one another to save a young girl from a fate worse than death…or kill each other trying.

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Vickrum Slate

The highly intelligent yet undeniably pretentious Dr. Vickrum Slate was considered to be the best chance humanity had at curing the undead blight. The only thing he loves as much as scientific discovery is his daughter, Sumrien. Damned by his own hubris and home-made serum, Slate ends up being the most evolved zombie to roam the post-post apocalypse. Despite his brainy exposition, he’s also highly athletic and weaves a lot free-running into his combat.

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Marlon Ashe

Born in the shadow of the legendary Ashe family, this 5’9, smart-ass, is as much an outlaw as he is a freedom fighter. Ashe isn’t the likely guy to choose to be the last man standing in a fight yet has a reputation for doing just that. He’s a scrappy ballistics expert with balls, brains and at least a trick up his sleeve. He may not always do the right thing the right way but he’ll always get it done somehow



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Phon Green

Orphaned and left for dead in the wastlelands of the post-apocalyptic landscape at the tender age of “way too young.” Every and any ability she has was self-taught and brutally learned leaving her a cunning tactician and warrior.

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The Blond Bastard

Not too much is known about this bastard other than the fact that he’s blond and bizarrely dangerous. Easily the single most expensive merc you’ll ever find but rumor has it, he’s worth every penny. No job is too hard, immoral or just plain crazy.

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Bryan Mink

“The Mink” is the only man known to have ever killed a golem with his bare-hands. His favorite missions are of the “suicide” variety. The 6’4 grappler is extremely battle hardened and has seen nearly everything imaginable on the battlefield…twice.

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Chief Burress

Early on, Burress and about 100 other soldiers, policemen and armed civilians battled against several waves of undead hordes to keep one city as a stronghold. Endowed with a strong code of honor, Burress has spent his life establishing order in an otherwise lawless time.